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Medical Workforce Data

Health Workforce in Nevada – 2023
  • Current data on supply and geographic distribution of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers in Nevada.
Physician Workforce in Nevada
  • An overview on the supply and geographic distribution of physicians in Nevada.
Rural Hospital Bypass and Community Health Needs in Nevada – 2019-2021
  • Breaks down inpatient discharges, outpatient visits, emergency department visits and community health needs in rural Nevada by hospital.
Graduate Medical Education Trends in Nevada- 2023
  • Current information about physicians who have completed accredited residency and fellowship programs in Nevada.
County Health Rankings in Nevada – 2023
  • Current data on health outcomes and health factors by county based off the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps project
Primary Care Practice Patterns of UNR Med Graduates- 2005-2020
  • Current information about the practice patterns of UNR School of Medicine undergraduate medical education (UME) graduates that matched into residency programs from 2005-2020 and now practice general primary care medicine.
Nevada Rural and Frontier Health Data Book
  • Population demographics by county