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Building Nevada's Health Workforce

ANNOUNCEMENT: Training Scholarships are available for those interested in pursuing careers in health! Regardless of where you are in your career, we have options for you! Visit our Scholarships page for more information.
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What can I do with a career in public health?

People who dedicate their careers to public health and healthcare help to improve and extend the lives of Nevadans. There are many pathways and opportunities to advance. Learn more about career pathways in Nevada that are growing or have opportunities for scholarships and training.
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J-1 Visa Program

An application fee is required to process J1-Visa applications, and facilities often incur an expense to sponsor physicians to serve in that capacity with attorney fees. This is a significant barrier to entry into the program and minimizes Nevada’s ability to attract physicians and specialists to serve in the state. Funding would be available for J1-Visa applications and expenses for sponsoring facilities.

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