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Workforce Development Plans

The Nevada Health Care Workforce and Pipeline Development Workgroup aims to improve, grow, and diversify Nevada’s public health, behavioral health, and primary care workforces and workforce pipelines to ensure the state has a workforce capable of meeting current and future health care needs.

It brings together stakeholders representing public health, behavioral health, primary care, and traditional workforce development, K-12 and higher education, minority health and equity, and community-based organizations throughout the state to:

  1. Enhance education and awareness of workforce development initiatives in Nevada,
    connect non-traditional partners, identify opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, and maximize resources statewide;
  2. Identify and map workforce pipeline development initiatives in K-12 education, higher education, and the current workforce; and
  3. Create and implement workforce pipeline development plans for public health, behavioral health, and primary care.

See below for workforce development plans in public and behavioral health, and primary care.

Public Health
Behavioral Health
Primary Care